An Interactive Earth

An interactive work designed to show people how their actions have a direct result on the fate of our planet to encourage a sense of responsibility. Thousands of people have enjoyed An Interactive Earth at such events as Splore, Weta Digital Christmas party, Nelson Light Festival, Pah Gallery, Dowse Art Museum, Art in the Dark, White Night and Bright Night's.

We used Lemur running on an iPad, which sent OSC signals to Ableton Live for the sound, and to Touch Designer which controlled the visuals. 25 flat, loopable earth states where wrapped onto a spinning sphere in Touch Designer which, due to dissolving between multiple quicktimes, gave a smooth interactive experience as the audience used the faders to control the world. The resulting image was projected using a 5k projector. A matching interactive stereo sound design was created in Ableton Live, using using Lemur's onboard logic to covert the interactive data into usable information.

Creative Director
Jon Baxter

TouchDesigner programming
Puck Murphy

Sound / Lemur programming
Peter Hobbs

With help from
Dvir Gilboa, Bev Eng, Mike Robinson, Keith Ballantyne, Armagan Ballantyne, Kathryn Taylor, Andy Cave, Cary Baxter, Brant Fraser, Hannah Walker, Olivier Jean

This is the ipad interface that the audience used to control the earth.

Media was created in a 5x5 matrix, the vertical parameter represents control <-> chaos, the horizontal development <-> nature