Nga Hau

This 15 minute experience begins with the start of time, then it touches on Wellington before any people arrived, then to early Maori settlement, colonial development, then lands on each decade of the last 100 years, arriving at a glimpse into the future.

We combined filmed stories with an immersive physical installation, showcasing the historic attic space and turning it into a scientists laboratory which had housed the machine for over 100 years. The stories were presented in a series of 6 rear projected mirror screens arranged in an outward facing hexagon built into the wooden glowing 'Time Machine', with a 13 speaker immersive soundtrack.

Our time machine will be spinning through time at the  Wellington Museum for 10 years.

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Maria Walker, George Henare, Matthew Sunderland, Nancy Brunning, Edwin Wright, Loren Taylor, Jonathan Brugh, Kirk Torrance, Gaby Solomon, Dr Swee Tan, Tate Slack

Project Director
Jon Baxter

Film Director
Armagan Ballantyne

Lani Feltham

Time Machine Designer
Allistar Cox

Stills from media that plays in the machine: