NZ Parliament’s 150th Celebration

To celebrate Wellington being New Zealand's Capital for 150 years we created a nine minute show which we projected onto Parliament building. The chapters of the media included: 

An architectural, artistic and poetic introduction.

Telling the story of Maui pulling up the North Island.

A chronological history of Parliament in NZ.

A celebration of each of Wellington’s suburbs.

We had 4 months to concept, style develop, storyboard, then make all media before the live event. The show ran repeatedly over 7 nights, with the first show being accompanied by extensive live entertainment.

"The Capital 150th celebrations showed what a wonderful range of institutions and people we have in Wellington. My favourite part of the weekend was the Light and Sound show on the Parliament buildings. In a quirky but historically accurate way, designs, photographs, text and birthday balloons combined for a beautiful dynamic romp through 150 years of history. The crowds loved it." - Mayor Celia Wade-Brown

AV Director
Jon Baxter

3D Lead
Charles Cumming

Illustrator + Modelmaker
Steve Templar

Cam Ballantyne

3D team
Sam Hodgson, Delainey Kennedy, Warren Mahy, Kyle Ashley

Stop Motion
Bev Eng, Katelyn Notman

Creative Directors
Story Inc, James McClean, Steve LaHood

Event Producer
Whiteboard, Grant Stevenson

Wellington City Council

Stills from the show:

concept sketch