The Time Machine

The Time Machine is an interactive kinetic sculpture that transports you via time travel. Most recently it landed for a week at the Silo Park in Wynyard Quarter, Auckland. Light was sliced up by spinning blades and time travellers got to see the world as it was, or will be. 

Travellers turn a large wheel that is connected to spinning blades - on one side mirrors, on the other white screens. Projected onto these blades is a timewarped feed from an infra red camera capturing the time traveller. You can bend time with a joystick, or spin the main wheel fast enough and you'll travel through time into new dimensions.The Time Machine first exhibited at Forester Gallery, Oamaru in 2008, then Splore in 2010, and as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival at The Refreshment Room, Titirangi in 2011. Most recently it was adapted for the 30 meter high old cement silo's in the Wynyard Quarter.

Building the Time Machine 

Dub FX and Fairy Princess rocking the Time Machine at Splore 2010

Made by

Chris Meder, Jon Baxter, Puck Murphy, Robin Rawstorne, Leon Woods, Miriam Christie, Tony Holland, Jason Cuthbert, Brant Fraser, Mike Robinson, Mark Hopkins, Kereti Kanawa, Armagan Ballantyne, Cam Ballantyne, Keith Ballantyne, Olivier Jean, Glenn Wilson, Harry Silver, Jason Stee